03 January 2011

Project 365

I am thrilled and so excited to be starting Project 365!!  After being part of the clickinmoms (http://www.clickinmoms.com/)  community this past year I learned about project 365 through other members/photographers who were in the process of  the project.  In short, it's taking one photo a day for one year. My goal is simply to document my family, complete the project and hopefully learn and grow as a photographer. The whole idea being that it forces you to pick up your camera everyday.  My hope is to capture the "every day", the times and moments that I wouldn't normally have my camera out.  My friend Tiffany took on the task and completed it this past year!  Her blog post about it inspired me even more to decide to do this challenge!!  For great inspiration check out her blog post here:   http://www.peanutblossom.com/blog/2010/12/life-is-too-precious-to-let-the-days-go-by-unnoticed.html

I have included a link on my blog home page entitled Project 365.  Would love any feedback, if you're interested in checking it out!!  Wish me luck!! 

Update: As my first week doing this project comes to an end, just thought I'd add a runner up from one of the days.


Anonymous said...

Where on earth have I been?! I didn't realize you had a blog, too! So cute, going to have to add you to my reader now. Happy to have inspired you to do a 365, even happier you're along for the ride with me this year. :)

Tricia said...

Thanks Tiffany!! Just added you to my blog list as well. I've been following you but now it's official!

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