12 April 2012

Jillian turns 2

On March 22, 2012 my baby girl turned two years old!!

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We had a small Sesame Street party with family. I'll post those pics in another post. Last year I started books for the girls of letters written to them by me on their birthday and 1st day of school. Here's Jillian's.

Dear Jillian,

You are no longer my little baby anymore and I'm not quite sure exactly when it happened, that transition from babyhood to toddlerhood. I do remember recently rocking you in your chair before bed and being amazed at how much you've grown. Now, your feet dangle off the chair when not so long ago I could cradle all of you in my arms. Very recently you've started to want to do things all by yourself. Yesterday I was trying to put your shoe on and you said "No mommy, I do myself." I don't quite remember the exact day or time but somewhere in this past year you went from uttering some words to having full blown conversations with me, daddy and Mallory. You are constantly asking questions "Mommy, what's that sound?", "Why did you turn that off?", "We have Mac and Cheese for dinner, mommy?". I remember looking at you as a little baby and wondering what you'd be like, what type of personality you would have, what would make you giggle. This past year going from a one year old to a two year old your little personality has exploded! You are outgoing, waving hi to anyone that passes you in the cart at Target. Your beautiful brown curly hair seems to suit your bubbly loud disposition. You giggle over tickled feet and silly songs. You adore Mallory and in typical little sister fashion you want to do and say what she does, yet you are independent and stand your ground when necessary. You are a little love bug, a snuggler and ever so affectionate. I love how you say "kisses mommy" and pucker your little round lips to kiss me. I love when I cuddle with you, your head rests on my shoulder and I feel your little tiny hands rhythmically patting my back. That little gesture is so you, that's my Jillian. I'm not exactly sure the day, week or month but somewhere in the everyday-ness of our lives this past year the baby I once had truly turned into my little girl. You make me a better person just by being you and I will forever know I am the lucky one to be your mommy.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Jillian Faith.



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