29 August 2011

Promise me you'll always remember....

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think".   ~Christopher Robin to Pooh”

I started this blog as my own personal family archive...a way to document all the events, milestones, and everyday moments that happen in our lives.  That means all the beautiful moments and to keep it real it also means the curve balls life may throw our way.  Well that recent curve ball for my family was that my mom has kidney cancer. The doctors are most certian it hasn't spread and we are very confident and hopeful that they will be able to go in and get it all out during surgery on Wednesday.  She will be under the best possible care at Northwestern Hospital.  We are praying for a full healthy recovery and our extremely confident she will beat this awful disease. 

My strength has been tested these past couple of weeks for sure and  when I came across that Christopher Robin quote it really helped to keep this simple sentiment in mind...braver than you believe, stronger than you seem...

On August 13th the girls and I had a great day with my mom- We went to a place called Make a Messterpiece, where the girls could do a bunch of different art projects!! So cute and fun!  We then had lunch at a nearby cafe outside- it was a beautiful day. I think my mom was born to be a grandma!  The love and affection she shows for her grandchildren is effortless and they are so lucky to have her as their grammy! 

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Still behind in posting but slowly catching up....

On August 7th I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, Kelly.  The theme was black, red, and white modern kitchen.  It was fun to host and see it all come together!! 

The shower theme was inspired by a shower featured on http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/!
27 August 2011

Our friendship...

Is truly food for my soul!!!   My beautiful friend Naomi! We live far away now but when we do see eachother it's always like no time has passed since our last visit!!  She's the greatest and she already knows I think so...

We recently got to spend a brunch together during her short visit to Chicago.  It always goes by too fast but I already look forward to her next visit!  I took some maternity photos of her cute little belly!! 

                                                  She's going to be the greatest mom!!! 

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25 August 2011

3rd Birthday Photo Shoot (slightly belated)

I finally got around to taking Mallory's 3rd Birthday photo shoot!  I had high hopes for an on location spot: botanic gardens, the beach, forest preserve etc.. but it never happened so I settled for my own backyard! 

For the photographers- I am proud to say most of these pics were the first ever I edited without using an action/preset!!  Thank you Clickinmoms/ LR class!! I am finally learning how to do a clean edit all on my own!!  It's a great feeling!! 

Ps- Don't you just love my crappy watermark? 

Pss- The shirt was purchased from Etsy Shop- FunkyMonkeyThreads. 


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Family Picnic

I've been so behind on posting.  On August 6th we went to a family picnic ( my mom's side of the family) and I thought I'd post a few shots from the day! 

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         Beautiful Ana- My cousin's little girl!

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03 August 2011

Her Birthday Gift

Mallory received a brand new tricycle from us on her birthday!  She needs some help riding it but with some practice were hoping she figures it out and will be cruising around independently in no time. 

These were taken in what we photographers call the "golden hour"- which set the scene for beautiful lighting!

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Jillian, watching from the sidelines!!
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