15 June 2015

When the newness of motherhood fades….

Just recently while my kids were playing in the backyard and I was watching them through the kitchen window while cooking dinner, it hit me how independent my kids are becoming and with that thought came this…. the newness of motherhood is fading.  I am no longer completely captivated by a teeny tiny being. I am no longer excited to capture every. single. moment. I'm not lost in the wonder of "who they will become" and that's because it'a all happening right here and now. Glimpses of preteen years are right around the corner.

These little people are quickly growing up.

This is it.

One day you wake up and realize their childhood is happening right now. These are not only days you will always remember but they are now old enough to remember these days as well. It quite frankly takes my breath away when I really start to process that fact. So when I look out the kitchen window and my three healthy beautiful children playing in the backyard, I am in complete awe at the little life we are living and forever grateful.

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