03 January 2014

The Year You Discovered Christmas

The older my kids get the more fun it is to see life through their eyes! Everything is so new and exciting to them and that seems to be especially true during the holidays.

Mallory, our oldest is 5 and she has vivid memories of what they holidays were like last year and the year before. However Jillian our 3 year old was only 18 months or so last Christmas. She has no memory of the holidays at our home last year and so everything is brand new to her this Christmas.

She notices and joyfully comments on every decoration in the house saying things like "Oh mommy, I like the sparkly gift decoration!"

She has such enthusiasm and excitement about every holiday event we do as a family!

Oh how she loves our Elf on the Shelf, Sprinkles. The first morning he arrived I overheard her whisper to Mallory "I think he came on Santa's sleigh!"

She loves visiting Santa Claus and couldn't' get enough of all our visits with him this year!

She asks many questions about baby Jesus's birth, The North Pole, and Elves.


She adores hearing all the Christmas songs on the radio in the car. Proudly declaring her favorite songs (Holly Jolly Christmas and Silent Night) to everyone and asking what our favorite songs are.

Sweet Jillian...you are three years old and it's the year you discovered Christmas. In a way, it's the year you taught me to rediscover this magical season!


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