15 June 2015

When the newness of motherhood fades….

Just recently while my kids were playing in the backyard and I was watching them through the kitchen window while cooking dinner, it hit me how independent my kids are becoming and with that thought came this…. the newness of motherhood is fading.  I am no longer completely captivated by a teeny tiny being. I am no longer excited to capture every. single. moment. I'm not lost in the wonder of "who they will become" and that's because it'a all happening right here and now. Glimpses of preteen years are right around the corner.

These little people are quickly growing up.

This is it.

One day you wake up and realize their childhood is happening right now. These are not only days you will always remember but they are now old enough to remember these days as well. It quite frankly takes my breath away when I really start to process that fact. So when I look out the kitchen window and my three healthy beautiful children playing in the backyard, I am in complete awe at the little life we are living and forever grateful.

22 March 2015

A Trip To The Bakery

One of my goals this year was to take more photography classes and read more about documentary photography. I've come to realize that documentary photography is really where my heart lies and I aspire to one day be so much better at it.

Keeping with my goals I'm currently in the middle of taking a really wonderful photography/videography class. I also recently purchased an incredible break out over at Clickinmoms called Bring Your Fun by Jo Clark.  Combining my new knowledge and being inspired by both of these photography purchases I took Drew and Jillian on a trip to our new local bakery and documented our adventure.

In addition to the photos I took, I also put together a little video for my first project for my class I'm taking.

Video link here: Our Trip To The Bakery

25 February 2015

Oh, this little face....

The snow was falling so beautifully and she humored me and let me take her picture for 2.5 seconds. He he...

Here are some "garage light" faves....

12 February 2015

Fairy Wings and other things...

When you're 4 and you put on fairy wings you really do become Tinker Bell.

She has the best imagination as I know most 4 year olds do. On this particular morning she was watching her newest movie obsession "Tinker bell Secret of the Wings" and asked to get the dress up clothes out.  I love to watch her when she steps into her own little make believe world of fairy wings, princesses, castles, and forests.  You can just see the magic in her face as she twirls around, looking herself up and down as she catches a glimpse of her wings in her shadow.

On this morning she wants me to call her Tinker Bell instead of Jillian and I happily oblige. It doesn't matter that her wings came from the dollar store, it doesn't matter that her hair hasn't been brushed this morning and it doesn't matter that she's sitting on a dusty old wooden floor.

Because when you're 4 and you put on fairy wings you really do become Tinker Bell.

10 February 2015

Snow Day

I love snow days. I love when we get to sleep in, not having to rush out the door in the morning. We can make pancakes and watch cartoons. We can stay cozy inside and play in the freshly fallen snow. We can come in and have hot coco and make homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

We can make lovely memories together as a family. 

I love snow days.

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