30 January 2012

I Am A Photographer Campaign

Awhile back I posted about the I Am A Photographer campaign that Clickinmoms was hosting.  You'll find that post here: I Am A Photographer-campaign

I am thrilled, honored, and proud that my photo was selected to be a part of the video campaign.

IMG_7259-2web copy

The video is inspiring and very powerful!  I am so blessed and lucky to have found Clickin Moms and to be a part of such an amazing community of women!

Check out the video and the campaign here:  My picture is at the very end. 

16 January 2012

First big snow and bath time shots!

We had our first big snow this past week and Mallory enjoyed every last snowflake falling minute!  On a sad note my sweet baby girl Jillian came down with the croup.  We took her the ER because she woke up in the middle of the night coughing terribly and she was having trouble breathing.  I seriously thought her throat was closing up! Scary moment!

She's on the mend now and we're hoping and praying her sister is spared!

IMG_8120web copy Copying

IMG_8113 webcopy Copying

IMG_8107web copy Copying

IMG_8106web Copying

IMG_8106web-2 Copying

IMG_8121web-2 Copying

IMG_8123web-3 Copying
IMG_8136web-3 Copying


IMG_8160 webcopy
08 January 2012

Project 52

I'm very excited to be joining my friend Tiffany over at Develop for Project 2012.  Be sure to head on over there if you are interested in joining us.  She lists a variety of different options to participate including project 52, a photo (or 2 or 3) a week for a year which is what I will be doing in 2012.

Last year I did Project 365, a photo a day.  I still have yet to finish editing and uploading them but I did complete it!!  I'm certain once it's completely finished I will do a post featuring it on here and there's a link showing my progress thus far in the tabs at the top of this blog. In the mean time I wrote about it as a guest poster at Develop, check it out here if you are interested in finding out more about my experience.

Here's my first week for Project 52:  I chose 3 to contribute to the group pool on Flickr.




IMG_8055-web2 copy Copying

IMG_8047web copy 2 Copying

IMG_8036web copy

IMG_8034web copy

IMG_8028 webcopy

IMG_8025 webcopy

A look back at Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful but busy holiday season!!   We went on the Polar Express, enjoyed our neighborhood Holiday party, visited with Santa, and had hot chocolate with Mrs Claus and saw The Wonderland Express at The Botanic Gardens, we also made cookies for Santa, and sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn.

Christmas Eve was spent at Uncle Pete's and Christmas morning we hosted my family for a brunch.  The rest of the day was spent at Grandma M's house.

The recap in photos....

Visit with Santa

Polar Express and neighborhood party

Hot Chocolate with Mrs. Claus

Xmas Eve/Day
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