16 January 2012

First big snow and bath time shots!

We had our first big snow this past week and Mallory enjoyed every last snowflake falling minute!  On a sad note my sweet baby girl Jillian came down with the croup.  We took her the ER because she woke up in the middle of the night coughing terribly and she was having trouble breathing.  I seriously thought her throat was closing up! Scary moment!

She's on the mend now and we're hoping and praying her sister is spared!

IMG_8120web copy Copying

IMG_8113 webcopy Copying

IMG_8107web copy Copying

IMG_8106web Copying

IMG_8106web-2 Copying

IMG_8121web-2 Copying

IMG_8123web-3 Copying
IMG_8136web-3 Copying


IMG_8160 webcopy


Jamie said...

So I finally found your blog again :D Love the snow pics!! So glad your sweet little girl is feeling better.

Tricia said...

Thank you Jamie! And welcome Back!! :)

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