28 September 2011

That kind of morning....

I hadn't planned on Jillian taking a bath this morning but this is what happens when your dog pees all over  the hardwood floor and your daughter crawls in it (I think she may have rolled in it based on the mess all over her) before you even discover that the dog peed! 

Oh and Mallory stepped in dog poop on the way back from the park and got it all over her hand....she said "Mommy I have a bunch of mud on my hand."  Yep. That kind of morning.

At least I got this cute picture out of it!


And one more

27 September 2011

New website and a 365 share...

Well I am thrilled to announce that my new website is up and running!  http://www.imprintsfromtricia.com/.  It's a blog that features all the early childhood activities I do with my own children.  I will still keep this one for personal/family/365 photos. 

Speaking of 365 here's a picture share that I took for my 365 project.... The other day I was putting away laundry in my room while the girls were playing in Mallory's room. Suddenly I heard silence and any mom knows that means they are up to something!  I walked around the corner and this is what I saw...



I walked in and Mallory said "We're watching a movie." 

19 September 2011

I Heart Faces photo contest

I am excited to be entering a photo for the I Heart Faces photo contest.  The theme is A Touch of Sun.

Here's the link to I Hear Faces- http://www.iheartfaces.com/

Here's my photo entry-  This was taken this past summer of my daughter Mallory playing with the bubble machine in our backyard.

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Apple Picking

Yeasterday we went apple picking with our neighbors!  We had a great time!  The weather was overcast but the rain held out.  We went to a new place this year and loved it!!  I hope to make it a yearly tradition. 

Quote about the day from Mallory- "My favorite part was eating the apples and feeding the goat and the tractor ride was bumpy." 





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18 September 2011

Silhouettes and a Makeover

As you can see I spent some time this weekend making over my blog.  I did a lot of research and found some really cute inexpensive templates from http://www.deliciousdesignstudio.com/   Speaking of blog designs I am excited to be working on a new and different blog.  It stems from an idea I had been tossing around for awhile.  The blog will strictly be about early childhood. Since I was an early childhood teacher for many many years before I had children I have all these ideas and resources that I would love to share!  Through photos and explanations I will display all the projects and developmentally appropriate activities I do with my own children.  I've shared a little bit of that on this blog but and I'm sure there will be some cross-over posts but I'd like to have a home for all things only early education related and I plan to keep this blog as my family archive (trips, birthdays, milestones etc.) and 365 project.  When it's good and ready I will share the link! 

On Saturday night we went to our local park.  I had been wanting to practice my silhouettes and since we were there an hour before sunset it was the perfect opportunity.  Here are my results.

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09 September 2011

Letting go....

My little girl started preschool today.  My little girl who only three years ago was my sweet newborn baby I held in my arms and read I Love You Through and Through to over and over again. The bibs and bottles are long gone...she has no recollection of that time yet when I think back on those days it's such a vivid memory, like it was yesterday.

I saw on some blogs I follow that the mom's have a tradition where they write letters to their kids at the start of the school year.  I thought it was a great idea so I am shamelessly stealing it!   

Here's my letter to my new preschooler- Mallory Rose...

Dear Mallory,

Last night before bed I talked to you about what a big day today was going to be for you, your very first day of preschool.  Mommy gets a little sad when I think about how my little sweet baby is growing up and is going to have her first experiences without me or daddy. Although I'm sad I am also so very happy for you because I know you are ready for this!  I know you will thrive in this environment- learning and making new friends all on your own!!  You are growing up so fast that  a part of me just wants to hold on so tight to all your 3 year old goodness, the bright eyes, curiosity and wonder that make up who you are today.  I adore your sweet little voice that often articulates well beyond your years, the daily questions you ask "What are we doing today mommy?", "Is it morning still? "What are we having for dinner?", "Why did you make that sound mommy, are you frustrated?", "Does daddy have to work today?".  I love how I can hear you singing in your room all your favorite songs at naptime and bedtime. You adore music and couldn't be happier singing and dancing to songs from Barney, Annie and Mary Poppins. I love the way you always ask to help me: "Can I help you with the dishes?", Can I help you with the laundry?".  So eager to help and so proud of your accomplishments!  You have the most delicious laugh I have ever heard, it's a belly giggle that warms my heart every time I hear it!  You are becoming so independent wanting to do everything yourself, helping Jillian do things too and I've said it before but you and Jillian were meant to be sisters- she reserves a special laugh that's only for you- the two fo you love to roll around on your bed together just laughing, laughing, laughing...  I have no doubt that you will be the best of friends!! 
I remember when I was a little girl and I would dream about being a mommy, that little girl I always wanted is you Mallory, my first born.  I feels so blessed that I could be a part of your days of dress-up, story books, singing, hugs and kisses, creating, and laughing.  I have big dreams for you but also know you will have dreams of your own, I am in awe at the little girl that you are and can't wait to see the person you become. Sending you off to preschool is the first tiny step in letting go...I am so grateful to be part of this journey with you! 

Love always,


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05 September 2011

Miracles happen...

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On Wednesday, August 31, 2011 my mom was scheduled to have her cancerous kidney removed.  The doctor was 99% sure it hadn't spread and the surgery was supposed to have little risk.  On Wednesday morning myself and the rest of my mom's family met her at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to wish her luck, send her our love, prayers and positive vibes.  The surgery was supposed to last about 4 hours, however two hours into surgery the doctor came out to the waiting room to deliver terrible news.  They discovered that the tumor has spread onto the main vein that leads to the heart.  They told us they didn't know if the tumor had attached itself to the heart but they are preparing to possibly do a bypass.  He looked very worried and told us that surgery just got substantially riskier.  He also told us that if she was at a smaller hospital she would have died for they wouldn't have been prepared to handle what they discovered. We were beyond shocked as sadness filled the room.  I couldn't believe what was happening and I couldn't believe that morning when I kissed her goodbye before her surgery was possibly the last time I was going to see her alive. We spent the next four hours calling friends and family to let them know, praying, crying and walking around in disbelief!!  It was by far the worst four hours of my life. The only comfort was that we were surrounded by a lot of family. 

After about 7 hours into surgery the doctor came to the waiting room again.  He told us they got the entire tumor out and it had not attached to her heart!!  The best possible outcome happened!  We were so relived and ever so grateful!!  I do believe my mom has an angel(s) watching over her!  To go from the darkest of places to the best possible outcome in a matter of hours truly was a miracle!!!  

My mom is currently recovering at the hospital but should be going home tomorrow.  We will continue to hope and pray for her full recovery!!
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