05 September 2011

Miracles happen...

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On Wednesday, August 31, 2011 my mom was scheduled to have her cancerous kidney removed.  The doctor was 99% sure it hadn't spread and the surgery was supposed to have little risk.  On Wednesday morning myself and the rest of my mom's family met her at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to wish her luck, send her our love, prayers and positive vibes.  The surgery was supposed to last about 4 hours, however two hours into surgery the doctor came out to the waiting room to deliver terrible news.  They discovered that the tumor has spread onto the main vein that leads to the heart.  They told us they didn't know if the tumor had attached itself to the heart but they are preparing to possibly do a bypass.  He looked very worried and told us that surgery just got substantially riskier.  He also told us that if she was at a smaller hospital she would have died for they wouldn't have been prepared to handle what they discovered. We were beyond shocked as sadness filled the room.  I couldn't believe what was happening and I couldn't believe that morning when I kissed her goodbye before her surgery was possibly the last time I was going to see her alive. We spent the next four hours calling friends and family to let them know, praying, crying and walking around in disbelief!!  It was by far the worst four hours of my life. The only comfort was that we were surrounded by a lot of family. 

After about 7 hours into surgery the doctor came to the waiting room again.  He told us they got the entire tumor out and it had not attached to her heart!!  The best possible outcome happened!  We were so relived and ever so grateful!!  I do believe my mom has an angel(s) watching over her!  To go from the darkest of places to the best possible outcome in a matter of hours truly was a miracle!!!  

My mom is currently recovering at the hospital but should be going home tomorrow.  We will continue to hope and pray for her full recovery!!

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Naomi Jane said...

Oh Tricia, what an awful scary nightmare to go through -- but thank goodness for such a miracle!! I'm so so so glad to hear the good news and am sending your mom and your whole family all my love and prayers for good health and a speedy recovery. I love you! xoxo

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