18 September 2011

Silhouettes and a Makeover

As you can see I spent some time this weekend making over my blog.  I did a lot of research and found some really cute inexpensive templates from http://www.deliciousdesignstudio.com/   Speaking of blog designs I am excited to be working on a new and different blog.  It stems from an idea I had been tossing around for awhile.  The blog will strictly be about early childhood. Since I was an early childhood teacher for many many years before I had children I have all these ideas and resources that I would love to share!  Through photos and explanations I will display all the projects and developmentally appropriate activities I do with my own children.  I've shared a little bit of that on this blog but and I'm sure there will be some cross-over posts but I'd like to have a home for all things only early education related and I plan to keep this blog as my family archive (trips, birthdays, milestones etc.) and 365 project.  When it's good and ready I will share the link! 

On Saturday night we went to our local park.  I had been wanting to practice my silhouettes and since we were there an hour before sunset it was the perfect opportunity.  Here are my results.

(1 of 1)-16

(1 of 1)-15

(1 of 1)-18

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