27 August 2011

Our friendship...

Is truly food for my soul!!!   My beautiful friend Naomi! We live far away now but when we do see eachother it's always like no time has passed since our last visit!!  She's the greatest and she already knows I think so...

We recently got to spend a brunch together during her short visit to Chicago.  It always goes by too fast but I already look forward to her next visit!  I took some maternity photos of her cute little belly!! 

                                                  She's going to be the greatest mom!!! 

(1 of 1)-wbs56
(1 of 1)-wb55

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Naomi Jane said...

Aw, shucks, Tricia, this post made me cry, of course! So so so super sweet, and I feel the exact same way! I really truly hope I can be half the mom you are, as you're my inspiration. :)

You are an amazing photographer, and I think I should hire you as my maternity / kids photographer! You're working some miracles there with your camera. :)

Super can't wait to see you next time, with baby in tow!
Love you, Tricia! xoxoxo

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