03 August 2011

Her Birthday Gift

Mallory received a brand new tricycle from us on her birthday!  She needs some help riding it but with some practice were hoping she figures it out and will be cruising around independently in no time. 

These were taken in what we photographers call the "golden hour"- which set the scene for beautiful lighting!

(1 of 1)-10web

(1 of 1)-9web

(1 of 1)-11wb

(1 of 1)-8wb

(1 of 1)-7web

(1 of 1)-6web

(1 of 1)-16web

(1 of 1)-15web

(1 of 1)-12wb

(1 of 1)-14wb
Jillian, watching from the sidelines!!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Beautiful light and bokeh!! Love the pics!!

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