07 January 2013


She is truly a great big sister! I know it's what I'm supposed to say but honestly this little girl is a sweetheart when it comes to her younger siblings. She loves to help "take care" of him. She watches everything I do and mimics me when interacting with him. She gives him his paci when he's crying and turns on his favorite toy that plays lullaby music. Then she tells me "Mommy I put Andrew to sleep."  

Her new favorite thing is to ask if he can sit with her on the couch when she is watching TV. 

His face really does light up when he sees her.  I look forward to watching their relationship grow, I know it just keeps getting better! 





Anonymous said...

Oh these are just too sweet for words!

Linda said...

They are both beauitful! And they really do look alike.

Vicky said...

Love this series! Myfour year old is pretty sweet with his younger sibling too :)

Ashley Carlon said...

These are priceless!! She looks like such a proud big sister- I bet they will always have a special bond:)

Tricia said...

Thanks so much!!

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