03 January 2013


Well here we are day 1. I sort of feel like this is my first day of school. :) Nervous, excited, scared....a gamut of emotions.

While I'm excited about my 365 what I am most thrilled about is connecting with other photogs and building a sense of community with like minded camera happy friends!!

Here's my little guy Andrew. He's only been with us for 4 months and make no mistake about it he completes our family in every sense of the word. I remember after I had my second little girl, Jillian after awhile we started getting the questions about wether or not we were going to have another baby. I always said I didn't know, we didn't know. I never was ready to close that chapter. I never felt completely done.

Fast forward two years later and it's such a great feeling to say "We are done!" Even though we jokingly say if Andrew was our first he would be our last and even though the last 4 months have been difficult to say the least, we also know we are beyond blessed and thankful everyday for our three children.



Runner up....

Jan 1, 2013


Ashley Carlon said...

He is such a beautiful baby. I love both of these, especially the first, such beautiful focus on his gorgeous eyes!

Vicky said...

Oh he is gorgeous! Love those big eyes! And his expression in the runner up photo!

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