07 January 2013


She woke up last night complaining that her ear hurt. I immediately knew...ear infection. I gave her some motrin and she fell asleep and then early this morning she said her ear still hurt. We scheduled a doctor appointment and sure enough- ear infection. We all have coughs, colds, and now I have two kids on antibiotics for ear infections. Gotta love January!

 I had a play date scheduled so daddy took her to the doctor. She came back proudly showing me her Dora stickers from the doctor and loudly proclaiming "Mommy, the doctor didn't give me a shot!". (We never told her they were going to give her a shot but it's funny what they always seem to remember from past visits.)

 Tony said she did great, followed all the directions the doctor gave her. So different from her sister at that age, who was always a little more sensitive with visits and new experiences.

 If this is the worst of our January, I'll gladly take it!




1 comment:

Ashley Carlon said...

She looks so proud of those stickers!!I hope she is feeling better soon:)

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