28 November 2011

The Echoes of hide and seek

The girls LOVE to play and hide and seek! They don't really understand how it actually works. Mallory often jumps out before we "find" her and shouts "here I am". Jillian has learned to hide but when we "find" her she says "I found you."! It's all very cute and sweet to see how they interpret the game. They'll have plenty of time to learn the actual rules but right now for them it's just plain fun.

Lately they've been playing with daddy while I clean up the kitchen after dinner. Hearing their sweet  giggles and voices while doing the dishes makes it a lot less like a chore. It's a simple game and really it's a simple time in our family. Our girls are 3 and 1 and all they want is to be with us, play with us, and laugh with us.

When you first have a baby EVERYONE tells you how fast it goes. Enjoy each moment...they grow too fast...you hear it all the time. While there are definite days when I am exhausted from meeting all the daily needs of young children, the trueness of these words is rarely lost on me.

Somehow knowing there will be a time when the family room is no longer filled with these tiny voices playing an after dinner hide and seek game allows me to remember each and every echoed "My turn to count." and "I found you daddy." as if I had completely forgotten of this memory.

To remember like you will one day forget sort of makes everyday the best one yet.




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