02 December 2011

Christmas Twinkle

There is a thread over on clickinmoms that I was super inspired by so I decided to try it myself.  It featured pictures that had Christmas light bokeh/twinkle.

Last year I struggled to get it and if I did capture it really it was by accident NOT because I knew what I was doing.

This year I gave it a go and was happily surprised with my results.  One of those photographer moments that makes all the reading and practicing worth it.  I'm still not overly happy with the composition and the focus of the pics but I got the light bokeh I wanted and was proud of that.

These were done with some white xmas lights and a white sheet draped over the back of the couch.  Part of the reason the composition and focus is off is because the space was so tight.  I wish I would have remembered to take a pic of the pull back.  On clickinmoms they had a lot of pics of the pull backs and it was so helpful. Have I mentioned how much I love clickinmoms?

The cute templates were free from www.beckyhiggins.com.



IMG_7003-2 copy

IMG_7031-2 copy

IMG_7051-2 copy

IMG_7062-3 copy

IMG_7064-2 copy


Sonja said...

Beautiful job! I *love* Christmas light bokeh, and Clickinmoms :)

Tricia said...

Thanks Sonja!!

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