26 October 2011

This moment....

I want to always remember this moment!!

She LOVES this purse!!  She says "Go shop Mama, kiss (gives me a kiss) and says ba bye!" She walked away into the living room and Mallory followed her.  This is Jillian on her return from shopping.

As I watched them walk away I seriously thought to myself I want to always remember this moment.  Jillian, with her crazy curly hair that daddy did, her one sock on because she pulled the other one off, and her proud but unsteady wobble walk (because she just learned to walk).

I want to always remember how she screams "happy" when she sees a jack-o-lantern because of the happy face she sees!   I want to remember how Mallory and Jillian play the "Can you say" game... Mallory says can you say "milk" and Jillian says milk, then Mallory says can you say "flower" and Jillian repeats flower and so on..  They play it all the time and I sometime hear them yelling it to each other from their separate but very close bedrooms.

I want to remember this day and every other run of the mill day with my little girls!!  I LOVE being their mom and I know how very lucky I am!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

How sweet! I love the description of how the girls play their talking game together!

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