02 October 2011

Getting in the pic epic fail!

I was so inspired by this post http://www.clickinmoms.com/blog/because-you-were-there-too-thirteen-tips-for-family-self-portraits/

That I set up the tripod and attempted to get some shots with myself in the picture.  I've seen the bed pics before and love the natural look of them. 

I was so dissapointed in my efforts and I really need to read up on tripod pics- my focus is off and these are so incredibly grainy.  Granted ISO was pretty much maxed so maybe that's my issue.  The lighting in my house is awful which I'm sure doesn't help.  I guess I'll be trying again in the quest for one good tripod/self portrait!! 

The grainy pics that were so bad I was forced to make them black and white:


Although this one is grainy I actually like it because Mallory grabbed the remote and took the picture. I love her expression, she's clearly very excited and proud that she pressed the button!


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