06 October 2011

Jillian's 18 month photo session

And a fun day at The Chicago Botanic Gardens with my girls!

My sweet Jillian Faith is 18 months and as always I can hardly believe how fast she's growing!


Dear Jillian,

You are so full of joy and love that I can hardly believe you are mine. What did I ever do to deserve your sweet giggles, your infectious smile, your cuddles and kisses. You are 18 months old and you just learned to walk. I wasn't too worried as your sister Mallory walked at 18 months as well. I always say that god gave me early talkers not walkers. You are actually saying whole sentences now... "Daddy over there." "Mommy eating." "Cup go? "Daddy and I are constantly amazed at all the big girl words you say. Yesterday I was putting your shoes on and you giggled and said "tickle". You were telling me that the shoes tickled your feet. I started laughing and you said "Mommy laugh". It's these sweet little moments that collectively make up our days together and that I am so grateful for. Your hair is growing longer and more curly every day- strangers aways stop and say "What a cute little girl, I love her curls!" I love the way you blow kisses to Mallory every day after lunch before your nap. You say "goo nigh" "wub You". You really do love your sister and want to be just like her, doing everything she does! You call her "Ma-ee". You and Mallory play together all the time now. Hiding under covers, singing songs, coloring, doing puzzles, watching Sesame Street. Right now you are fast asleep in your crib and I'm hoping you're having the sweetest dreams. I wish you could know just how loved you are Jillian,  how much you were wanted, how much you bless our lives, I hope you feel that love today, tomorrow and all the days after! I love you with all my heart Jilly Bean!












Angela King said...

she's a doll. i love the lighting in the one of the two of them on the bridge. also love the cute little stitching around them. adorable. :)

Farm Girl in MD said...

What beautiful girls you have!

Mrs. Fun said...

Beautiful. I love these and your words.

satakieli said...

What a sweet girl you have! I love the one of them on the bridge, the lighting is just dreamy!

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