02 November 2010

Halloween Highlights

Halloween 2010 has come and gone!  Here are some highlights from the weekend...

* A successful trip to the pumpkin farm.  Mallory picked out her pumpkin and baby Jillian's pumpkin, She had a pony ride with Daddy by her side, We went on a family hayride and were the only family on the ride (a plus for being procrastinators and going the day before Halloween), We ate hot dogs, Jillian tried to put a pumpkin in her mouth and Mallory and Daddy went down a slide ride together.  All events took place across from a suburban Walgreens...note to self: venture a little further north next year for Fall festivities.  All in all a good time.

* Mallory's first time carving pumpkins with mommy and daddy.  She refused to touch the pumpkin innards beyond the first and only time she felt them with her hands.  Still working on "getting messy is fun".  She seemed to get a thrill from the Jack-o-lantern effect we showed her at night!  

*Pre trick-or-treating costume getting ready went fairly smooth.  We tried to instill excitement in Mal about the events that where to come "What are you going to say at the door?"..."Then you will get CANDY"..."Yay"...something like that.  We thought it worked until about two minutes outside and then she cried, refused to say trick or treat or even get out of her push car. I would imagine Halloween seems a bit absurd and scary in the mind of a two year old. Ah well, we took pictures, visited the neighbors and came home all the while Papa pushed Jillian in the stroller proudly displaying her cat costume!  She was unfazed.

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