04 June 2010

May You Stay Forever Young...

Ever since becoming a parent I've always maintained that every stage of development is fun and exciting. While that still holds true I must admit that these early toddler months are so incredibly endearing that it's quickly becoming my favorite stage thus far. Mallory has such a great disposition ( I know every parent feels that way about their kid) and her personality simply shines brighter each and every day! I literally just want to bottle her up at 22 months and hold onto all her cuteness and wide eyed perspective of the world around her. I know I can't really bottle her up but in an effort to hold onto this stage I thought I would jot down a few of her characteristics at the grand old age of 22 months.

To Mallory at 22 months:

Your face lights up when you see a ball...you love them!!
You absolutely love Elmo. Sesame Street is the first and only (currently) show you watch. It's usually on around snack time so every time I put it on you say "juice, crackers"
When someone new comes in the room you say "Sit down (insert name)". You think everyone comes over strictly to play with you.
Your favorite books are If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, Tumble Bumble, and First The Egg. Daddy buys you and gives you cookies for dessert! You love them of course and say "Cookie Daddy".
Puzzles are your most played with toy.
You like to sing songs but are very opinionated about which specific songs you want to sing...current favorite is The Wheels on the Bus and your favorite part is "The mommy's and the daddy's say sh sh sh".
You like to count and you often count the stairs while we're going up them.
You love to help mommy and your favorite helper job is emptying the dishwasher. You say "Malo help mommy dishes" Oh yea, you call yourself Malo.
I can't believe you are 22 months, almost 23....it just keeps getting better and better!!

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