19 May 2010

A Walk in the Park

It was a beautiful spring late/afternoon evening, a bit chilly but overall it was lovely outside so I decided to take Mallory to our local park. Jillian stayed home with daddy. I pushed Mallory in her favorite red car ride on toy, she calls it "Malo's car" and off we went...
Typically Mallory loves the swings but this time we focused more on the slide. She's learning to climb up the stairs all by herself and is getting braver at trying to go down the slide by herself. It's so funny to think last spring/summer we were pretty much limited to the swings because she wasn't even crawling yet at this time last year.
This time we also walked a little of the path leading into the savanna near the park. We explored dandelions, sticks, and grass. Mallory is still a little unsure of her outside elements but it will be fun to watch her as she discovers the beauty of nature. I hope to provide her as many opportunities as possible to expose her to the great outdoors. I want her to love it like I did; to splash in rain puddles, catch fireflies, pick bouquets of dandelions, make mud pies, and to see the outside world in a way that only a child could! I'm not sure why but we somehow seem to lose that wonderment of nature as we get older. I can't remember the last time I picked up a dandelion blew the seeds and made a wish, however there's nothing like a walk in the park to give you those moments again and there's nothing like sharing it with your 22 month old daughter!

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