04 April 2011

Shadow of Self

One of my favorite photography blogs to read is shuttersisters.com.  I recently discovered them and I can't describe the wave of inspiration I feel from their photos and blog posts.  The writing is just as beautiful as the photos you will find on their site.  A recent post was entitled Shadow of Self (check it out here.. http://shuttersisters.com/home/2011/3/29/a-shadow-of-self.html) and it talks about finding the courage to turn the camera on yourself.  One of the challenges was to take of photo of your own shadow.  I was too chicken to post on the blog but I did try it out and will post it here.  It's a weak effort at best but none the less...a shadow of myself. 

Words of inspiration from shuttersisters regarding self portraits...."It is the ultimate study of self. It is the space between here and there. Then and now. You and me. Us and them......These photographs are the solitude and stillness of wind. The reminder that life is blooming, that growth moves us forward with joy and anticipation. This project is my practice in remembering it is ok to sit with the silence. And that through it all, life is still beautiful."  ~Meredith Winn

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