17 March 2010

Waiting for Baby

The last couple of weeks we have been running around trying to get the last minute things together for our new arrival. Ever since my doctor appoint. a few weeks ago revealed I was already 3 cm dialated the reality set in that I could go into labor any day now. The baby's room is just about finished and for now it will still harbor our office in it as well. Eventually we will move the office downstairs in the basement but since the baby will be sleeping in the bassinet for the first few months we're keeping it upstairs for a little bit longer. Ahh...logitsitcs....so exciting!
The nursery theme is ladybugs and the colors are pink and green.
The baby's name will go above the crib but we aren't revealing the name until baby arrives. As of this writing we have 5 more days until my scheduled c-section and I am more than ready to meet my little girl!!

Comparing bellies!

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