29 December 2009

It's A Girl

We've known for awhile (about a month and a half) but with the Holidays almost over I've finally had time to write a new post! I realize there's about 2 people who actually read these posts but I love the idea of blogging simply to preserve family memories and events. I've heard many people who turn their blogs into books as a keepsake. So I hope to chronicle more events in 2010 and to keep up with the blogging, knowing full well it's really just for my own family! :)
So yes, it's a girl!! We were sooo excited because we both really wanted a girl. Not because we didn't want a boy but we just really wanted Mallory to have a sister and since they'll be so close in age it'll be fun to have them be the same gender, not to mention all the cute clothes we get to reuse!
I think we've finally picked a name that Tony and I both agree on but we aren't revealing it until the baby is born, we wanted something to be a surprise!
Mallory often points to Mommy's growing belly and we told her that a baby is in there and it's her little sister. So now if you ask her where Mama's baby is she points right to my belly! We realize she doesn't really "get it" but it's the best preparation we can do for her at the age of 17 months!

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