24 July 2009

One Year Ago....

She came into our life a year ago today and we didn't know just how much joy and love she would bring. She is truly the greatest gift we could ever have and I feel so blessed to be her mommy. She's not our little baby anymore, she's growing into a toddler! I am so excited to watch her learn and grow. We'll always be there holding her hand along the way!
"You'll fly away....but take my hand until that day and when they ask how far loves goes, when my job's done you'll be the one who knows." -Dar Williams

This is the outfit she'll wear for her first birthday party!

Mallory's First Birthday present from mommy and daddy!

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Claire Just Claire Like Cher said...

Tricia! Happy Birthday to Mallory, and I hope you all are well. I wanted to send you something and didn't know how to reach you (email? don't think you're on Facebook??) I'll get your email from Naomi, how's that? XOXO

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