09 November 2008

Behind The Blog

I recently had the privilege of reading my good friend Naomi's blog and after being hit with a wave of inspiration I decided to try this out for myself. Having recently had a baby, archiving baby photos and writing in baby books left little time for writing/journaling, a former favorite past time. That is until it occurred to me a blog could serve as a means to provide several of these creative outlets. As I chronicle my mundane family events, post old and new writings and upload the 600th photo of my daughter the narcissistic nature of such a blog is not lost on me. However I've always written with the idea that no one else would read my work but me and have never taken it too seriously. It is with that same spirit that "Scribbles From Tricia" was created, a place where I can reflect, celebrate, write, and go back to doing what I loved since I was 10 years old.

1 comment:

Naomi Jane said...

Yay, Tricia!! I LOVE it! You are a wonderful writer, and I already love reading your blog. It's so cool to read about what you were thinking and feeling in the past, and I love how you capture turning 30. I can't wait for more! You inspire ME, and I look forward to all the inspiration your blog will bring. I love you! And it's a great blog title. :)

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