13 May 2014

Self Portraits- Mother's Day 2014

As usual all I wanted for Mother's Day was to get in the photo and have a cute pic of me and my three kids.

With a 5, 4, and 20 month old it was a tall order and one that did not work out in the end.  I handed off the camera to my hubby and despite his many efforts we couldn't get even one shot where they are all looking and smiling.  I'm not going to lie, I was frustrated and disappointed. But eventually, shortly there after,  I did get over it and realized we can always try another time, it doesn't have to be on Mother's Day. I ended up later on looking through the photo attempts and laughing hysterically at the mishap shots. Seriously it looked like we were trying really really hard to take a BAD picture! They could not get any worse.

This week there were a few photography forums I follow that had challenges/themes involving motherhood and self portraits. Every year or so I pull out the tripod and attempt some some self portraits with the kids.

So although these don't include any with me and all three kids in one shot, I know I will look back on these and really cherish them someday. And who knew some Starburst Jellybean bribery would elicit such cute smiles?!






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