28 September 2013

My Baby Turned 1

Well I'm a little behind in posting, a month to be exact but better late than never. My very last baby turned 1 on August 21,2013. It was as they say bittersweet. I'm not going to lie, it's been a rough year with this little guy. He has never been the greatest sleeper, in fact he pretty much never slept those first few weeks. I remember thinking how is this possible that he is a newborn and he doesn't sleep! He was the king of the cat naps: 3o minutes here and there. He also had acid reflux issues, constantly spitting up that only recently went away after we stopped giving him formula. But let me tell you this kid, this little boy of mine has brought me more joy than I could ever possibly imagine could come form one little guy!! He loves to snuggle and giggle. He adores his sisters and laughs the most when they are around. His first word was mama and that in of itself was enough to melt my heart! I look at him and I can't believe that I have this beautiful little boy to call me mama for the rest of my life. I can't believe he is my son. His gorgeous blue eyes, big lips, round cheeks, long lashes and traces of curly hair showing up. I know with all my heart he completes our family and I know with all my heart my sweet little boy is destined for great things! So although the last year has been full of ups and downs as we welcomed Andrew into our lives, he made our family that much better and we'll have the love of a son for a lifetime to show for it. Happy First Birthday Andrew Nicholas!!







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