08 February 2012

My Ballerina

She cried for the for the first few months of dance class. We were ready to pull her after the session we had paid for was over.  I knew she really liked going because she talked about it all the time.  She never said she didn't want to go but once we were there she just had it in her head that she should cry.

Finally after her teacher encouraged us to sign her up again and not give up this past January her new session began and she has loved every minute!  Her recital is in May and I'm pretty certain I will be needing a box of tissues to accompany me as I watch the show.

At 31/2 years old she's not into princesses, barbies or baby dolls.  But boy oh boy does she LOVE to sing and dance!!  It's almost like it's just who she is and who she's always been...it's just so much a part of her.

Secretly if she never get into the princesses or barbies I will not be sad in the least.  It's not like she's not exposed to it- she's seen the Disney movies and has princess type toys but it has yet to really stick. Really I am okay with that.

For now I'll take my little wide eyed ballerina just how she is....





IMG_8494-2web copy



Marnie Craycroft said...

Oh my goodness, what a "beauty" (as my Pa used to say)...gorgeous. Excited to be a part of the Link Party with you...

Hirsita Dixit said...

Awesome Pictures So Cute & Gorgeous little fellow.....
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