07 June 2011

Just an ordinary day

Her hair is officially 100% curly!! This seemed to happen over night. If you look at her one year pictures it's not nearly as curly as it is now at 14 months!  She's still not walking yet but cruising and crawling everywhere and she's starting to stand up on her own for a few seconds at a time.  I stopped counting how many words she has as she seems to pick up a new word daily! Some current words are Elmo, mama, da da, la (Lady), Stitchy (our cat), pa pa (my dad), bow, book, na na (Banana), uh oh, bye bye, door, flower, ball, and done.  A few times she has said Ma- mo for Mallory!  If you ask her for kisses she open her mouth and makes the smacking noise with her lips and slobbers all over you- we of course love it!!  She is the consummate little sister- wanting to do EVERYTHING Mallory does.  Mallory takes it in stride and overall is very patient with her!  She has a goofy personality, is very loud whether crying or laughing and adapts to new situations and strangers very well!  We truly can not imagine life without our Jillybean!  I feels so lucky that we were blessed with her everyday! 

Our sweet Mallory is going to be three years old next month!  She's eating in a big girl booster, drinking from a cup (no more sippy cups), dressing herself, and learning new skills everyday.  She talks non stop all day long and although it sometimes drives us crazy we wouldn't want it any other way!  She's going to be three and we are so lucky that we never went through the tantrum stage.  I don't think she's ever really had a true tantrum- nothing like what I've seen from other kids her age.  I truly think we just got lucky and it's her personality, Jilly on the other hand might give us a run for our money!  Although, I've heard 3's are worse than 2's so who knows what we have in store!   She just started asking why questions and wants to know everything about her upcoming day..."Where are we going today?", "Who's coming over?", "Does Daddy have to work?", "What are we having for dinner?"...the questions are endless.  She loves Annie and Mary Poppins and the show Caiou (sp?) on Sprout.  She still watches Barney but Caiou is her current favorite.  She's not overly active and is still a little cautious on the playground.  She loves puzzles and books and art projects and coloring.  Her current favorite books are No David, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.  She is such a caring, protective big sister to Jillian, they adore eachother and it's the greatest feeling to see their relationship grow!! 

They are the two greatest loves of my life and writing it down reminds me of that on just an ordinary run of the mill day!

Here some more shots- I was experimenting with post-processing in lightroom and photoshop.


Anonymous said...

Just lovely, Tricia!! I always am amazed how their growing brains work on one master skill at a time. Little Pea is walking but definitely not talking. Wonder when they'll switch places so that J can work on walking and we can grow some vocabulary over here? :)

Jamie said...

Tricia I love this!!! Beautiful pics!!

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