08 February 2010

The Joy of Crayons

Mallory received jumbo crayons in her Christmas stocking but it wasn't until recently that we pulled them out for her. She absolutely loves them! She gets so excited when I ask her if she want me to get her crayons and she takes each one out of the bin and colors a line or scribble onto the paper. Actually the "onto the paper" part we're currently working on....on occasion she's attempted to color on the rug and her clothes but I'm well aware this is all part of the discovery process.

As I watched her hone her artistic skills it occurred to me that one of the best parts of being a parent is getting to relive the wonders and joy of your own childhood through your child. Who doesn't remember the feeling of possibilities and pure bliss from a box of new crayons and paper!

Did I mention that not only is she scribbling but Daddy taught her some algebra as well.....she caught on pretty quickly....:)


Naomi Jane said...

Love the post, Tricia! Makes me want to go grab some crayons myself! I can't believe how big Mallory looks! She's so gorgeous. I'm thinking of you so much and hope you're all doing well! Miss you! Lots of love, Naomi

Norma said...

I think this is great. Started laughing when I saw what Tony had colored with Mallory. She'll be doing algebra before she even starts school!

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