07 March 2009

New Hat

So yet again, too long since I last posted! One of these days I'll get it together.
Recently I received a new lens for my SLR camera. I'm still a complete novice at photography and marvel over all the awesome photographs from professional photographers I occasionally browse through on the web. Current photographic interests: Children and Weddings.
The combination of my child, cool camera, and imagination, resulted in me pretending to be a photographer for the day!
With new lens in tow and a new hat to model I set out to create some cute shots of Mallory. I've also been researching no flash photography and this was my first attempt at that task.

1 comment:

Naomi Jane said...

SOOOOOOOOOO cute, Tricia!! I think you could be a professional photographer for sure! Really truly, the pictures are amazing. The combination of your photography skills and your absolutely gorgeous daughter is stunning. :)

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